Crappie Fishing Videos

There are so many crappie fishing videos on the market that you’ll probably never own them all, unless you spend more time watching videos to learn crappie fishing techniques than you spend fishing for crappie. I’ve tried to gather as many as I could find in this post so you can see what’s available and decide which crappie fishing videos best suit your needs.

Crappie 101 Crappie Fishing Videos

Crappie 101: Spider Rigging

Capt. Bubba Kolb shows you how to fish for crappie using spider rigging.

Crappie 101: Flordia’s Harris Chain Tactics

Denny Tittle shares tips for catching crappie in the Harris chain in Florida.

Crappie 101: Deep Water Tactics

Learn how to catch crappie in deep water during the summer and winter in this Crappie101 fishing video.

Crappie 101: Florida’s Lake Monroe

Learn everything you need to know to catch crappie in Florida’s Lake Monroe.

Crappie 101: Hi-Tech Crappie Trolling

Dennis and Tammy Watters teach hi-tech trolling techniques for catching crappie.

Crappie 101: Jig Casting

Tour Kentucky Lake with Jeff Beach and learn how to use jig casting to fish for crappie.

Cabela’s Crappie Classic Fishing Videos

Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic 2008

Watch the 2008 Cabela’s Crappie Classic on Patoka Lake, Indiana.

Crappie – Cabela’s Crappie Classic 2006

Watch as nearly 400 anglers compete to win $175,000 in prizes.

Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic 2005

$190,000 in prizes was up for grabs at the 2005 Cabela’s Crappie Classic.

Women’s Sportfishing crappie fishing videos

Women’s Sportfishing: Catching Crappie

This DVD shows you how to catch crappie even in the worst weather.

Women’s Sportfishing: Crappie Tournament

Capt. Bubba Kolb offers some effective tips for catching crappie in the during a spring crappie tournament.

Women’s Sportfishing: Winter Crappie

You can catch crappie even during the winter using tips from this video.

More Crappie Fishing Videos

Panfishing Secrets DVD

Learn crappie and panfishing tips with Babe Winkelman.

Bill Dance Outdoors: Crappie Fishing

Learn all you need to know about crappie fishing from Bill Dance.

Crappies on the Move

Tips to help you catch crappie in every season.

In-Fisherman: Crappie Tactics

Techniques for catching crappie in lakes and reservoirs.

Lindner’s Angling Edge: Crappie Logic

Al and James Lindner provide crappie fishing tips that will help you catch more crappie.

Super Shallow Slabs

Wally Marshall teaches his special crappie fishing techniques.

In-Fisherman: Tactical Panfish

Fishing for crappies, white bass, yellow perch, and bluegills.

Understanding Crappie

Babe Winkelman’s crappie fishing secrets.

White Bass, Black Crappie

Black crappie and white bass fishing tips from Babe Winkelman.

With all of these choices, if you can’t find a crappie fishing video that appeals to you, maybe you should just grab your rod and tackle box and head on out to the lake.

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